What We Do

Products And Services

Tourism and Hospitality

As a general contractor, DIL has design and build
complexes and hotels facilities for various clients.
Having great team of architect and civil engineers
under her workforce and the backing of the
financial know-how encouraged the management
board to establish her chains of hotels.

Finance Services

DIL through K-10 investment Ltd program has
developed more than 30, 000 (Thirty Thousand) SMEs.
After training, entrepreneur face a daunting challenge,
accessing loan from commercial bank. DIL leverage on
the government soft loan facilities for SMEs and
develop her finance services to SME.

Oil and Gas Service

To produce more affordable oil and gas, we carefully manage costs through a number of far-reaching initiatives, enabling us to constantly optimize our portfolio and invest in highly competitive projects. We also take a very disciplined approach to investing so that we can maintain our competitive edge over the long term and ensure that our production is in line with increasing global demand for oil and gas.

Agric and Allied Service

Prior to Nigeria total dependent on crude oil, her foreign earning were from agricultural production, such as cocoa,
groundnut (peanut) and rubber. In the second republic of 1999, the group that formed DIL realized the important position
of agriculture in the new political dispensation.


DIL constructions design and build sewers,
highways roads, bridges, tunnels and other project
related to National infrastructural development.
And as real estate developers DIL buy lands,
certified it, and also provide finance to real estate
development deals.

Non-Governmental Organizaon (NGO)

DIL Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities
ensures the adequate environmental and social
standards are met in the business processes and
beyond. DIL engages community in its workforce, with
adequate considerations for gender and indigenous