Agriculture and Allied Service


Dankat’s agriculture and allied services are aligned to the national policy direction to reduce dependence on oil and gas and refocus on agriculture and its value chain.

Dankat’s investment in agriculture and allied services seeks to leverage on key cash crops such as cocoa, groundnut (peanut) and rubber, which were the main stay of Nigeria’s economy before the discovery of oil and gas.

Through a board resolution reference number BR/A02/2006, Dankat Ranch and K-10 Investment Limited were registered to manage agro-related projects under two separate focus Danka Ranch operates as a modern farm engaged in agricultural production, processing and preservation, usually referred to as 3P while the K-10 Investment Nig Ltd focused on the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) particularly on agricultural value chain on both downstream and upstream of the sector.

Generally, the focus of Dankat’s agriculture and
allied businesses are as follows;
1. Development of the 3Ps of Agriculture (Production
2. Processing and Preservation)
3. Development of extension services workforce
4. Development of SMEs
5. Development of cooperatives for effective
6. management of SMEs
7. Development of national and international offtaker market for the products generated by the SMEs.